This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Viewing Code Structure with Comments

Visual Studio .NET 2003

You can create a series of .htm pages that allow you to browse the structure and code comments included in your C# projects, or any project that uses other programming language that support XML documentation comments. For more information about including comments, see Adding Comments in C# Code.

To view code comments

  1. On the Tools menu, choose Build Comment Web Pages.
  2. Choose Build for entire solution to create a Web site that contains the code comments for all projects within the solution.

    — or —

    Choose Build for selected projects and then select the projects from the list.

  3. In the Save web pages in box, type the path that you want the Web pages to be saved in or choose Browse to find the correct path.
  4. Select Add to favorites to have a shortcut to the Web site added to the Favorites window.

    If you select this option, when you choose OK, the Add Favorite dialog box appears, allowing you to type a name for the shortcut.

  5. Choose OK.

    A series of .htm pages is created. To view the Web site, open the Favorites window and choose the shortcut you specified earlier, or go to the folder in which you saved the Web site files. The code comment Web report .htm files are saved in a subdirectory of the directory containing the solution file (.sln), called CodeCommentReport. Each project in the solution has its own subdirectory in the CodeCommentReport directory.

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