This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Finding a Sample

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The documentation for Visual C++ contains many samples that demonstrate various programming frameworks.

To find a particular sample, use:

  • MSDN Library Contents pane

    Check the first topic under each category listed in the appropriate Samples node for a summary list, including a brief description, of the samples in that category. For example, Visual C++ includes the category ATL Server Samples under the Visual C++ Samples node. Larger categories like ATL Server break out the samples by subcategory. All categories include an alphabetical list.

  • MSDN Library Index pane

    Look under the main entry "samples". The various areas of samples are listed as subentries, such as ATL (list of). Samples are also indexed as main entries by sample name and as subentries under various other main entries.

  • MSDN Library Search pane

    Enter a particular function or class in the search field to find usage examples. A list of functions, classes, structures, and other keywords used in a sample is displayed at the end of most sample abstracts, enabling you to target specific elements. You can also use the Find in Files option on the Edit menu to search the sample files, located on the product CD.

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