This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Visual Studio .NET 2003

Use the Reference as an additional resource for technical information. This information helps you understand:

  • The Visual Studio Analyzer user interface.
  • The kinds of data you can gather from Microsoft components.
  • How to create advanced filters.
  • Programming guidelines for instrumenting your own applications.

In This Section

Microsoft Components that Generate Visual Studio Analyzer Events
Provides an overview of the Microsoft components that generate Visual Studio Analyzer events.
System-Defined Event Categories
Describes each system-defined event category.
System-Defined Events
Describes each system-defined event.
Filter Syntax Reference
Summarizes the filter syntax language that is used to create filters.
Instrumentation Guidelines
Summarizes the instrumentation guidelines for the Visual Basic and Visual C++ programming languages.
Visual Studio Analyzer User Interface Reference
Describes the dialog boxes and windows in Visual Studio Analyzer.
Error Messages in Visual Studio Analyzer
Explains how to get help on Visual Studio Analyzer error messages.

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User Interface Reference
Explains the options that appear in Visual Studio dialog boxes and windows.
Error Messages
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