Automating Visual Studio Analyzer
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Automating Visual Studio Analyzer

Visual Studio .NET 2003

In Visual Studio Analyzer, you record event data and analyze it through graphical views. You can also access a subset of its user interface objects through the automation model.

Security Note   The data included in the events by the event sources is not validated by the Visual Studio Analyzer components. Do not render the event data in HTML unless you have verified that it does not contain malicious scripts.

When you access the Visual Studio Analyzer objects, you can:

  • Automate frequently performed tasks.
  • Create tools to automate the analysis of collected events.
  • Create custom wizards.
  • Write scripts to automate event recording.

Visual Basic programmers commonly use the automation model. Therefore, Visual Basic code fragments supplement the procedural topics.

In This Section

Visual Studio Analyzer Automation Model
Provides an overview of the automation model as it applies to Visual Studio Analyzer.
Project Setup
Provides instructions on how use the Visual Studio Analyzer interfaces and methods to set up a project, create an event log, add computer connections, and create a filter.
Event Collection
Explains how to record events into an event log.
Data Analysis
Explains how to analyze data programmatically.
Guidelines for Visual Basic Programmers
Provides instructions on how to add the appropriate type library to a Visual Basic project.
Guidelines for Visual C++ Programmers
Describes the files that must be included in a Visual C++ project.

Related Sections

Setting Up Performance Analysis
Provides links to the tasks involved in setting up Visual Studio Analyzer for performance analysis.
Instrumenting an Application
Explains how to add custom events to an application and receive data from these events.
Subscribing to Visual Studio Analyzer Events
Explains how to create a custom application to analyze event data.
Visual Studio Analyzer SDK
Provides programming interfaces that you can use to create automated performance analysis applications, event subscription applications, and custom applications that collect Visual Studio Analyzer events, custom events, and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) events.
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