Copy a picture of the whole map to another document

MapPoint North America 2004 SDK
  1. Move the map to get the map view you want to copy.
  2. How?

    Tip  You can also resize the program window or panes to crop the view of the map you want to copy.

  3. Click a blank area of the map to select it.
  4. Note  Be careful not to select a place label, Pushpin, data point, drawing, or point of interest; otherwise only the selection will be copied.

  5. Do one of the following:
  6. To copy only the map, on the Edit menu, click Copy Map.

    To copy the map, Overview Map, and legend, on the Edit menu, click Copy.

    - or -

    On the Standard toolbar, click Copy  Copy button.

    Note  The map, Overview Map, and legend are copied as separate images.

  7. Paste the map into your document.
  8. To paste in many Windows-based programs, either press CTRL+V or click Paste on the Edit menu.


You can also copy the location of a stop on your route or the name of a Pushpin, point of interest, or location on the map. Click the Pushpin, point of interest, location, or stop on the map, click Copy  Copy button, and then paste it into your document.

Remember that copyright rules apply to maps.

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