About Web pages saved from map files

MapPoint North America 2004 SDK

You can create custom Web pages from your map file, and then manage those Web pages using MapPoint.

For example, you can create Web pages of different map views, include driving directions for a route on your map, control the size of the map, set the Web page heading, create a thumbnail image map that opens your Web page, include hyperlinks associated with Pushpins or data on your map, and create a separate copy of a map file and have your Web page link to that map file.

You can change your Web page to reflect changes made to the map file and change the options for a saved Web page. If you update your map on a regular basis, such as updating linked sales data or adding new contact information, you can have your Web page automatically reflect those changes by activating the AutoSave feature. You can also use the Microsoft Windows Scheduled Tasks feature to automatically start MapPoint, update links for a specified map file, and save changes to associated Web pages (if the AutoSave feature is enabled).

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