This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

PaperSource Element

Office 2007

Determines the paper source for the page.





Optional string. Represents a unit of measure. The default is NUM. For details about NUM, see Units of measure.


Optional string. Represents the element's formula. This attribute can contain one of the following strings: "someFormula" if the formula exists locally, "No Formula" if the formula is locally deleted or blocked, or "Inh" if the formula is inherited.

If the attribute is not present, the element's formula is a simple constant. For example, <element>5</element>.


Optional string. Indicates that the formula evaluates to an error. The value of Err is the current value (an error message string); the value of the element is the last valid value.

Element properties

Minimum Occurrences
Maximum Occurrences

Element information

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This setting corresponds to the paper Source setting in the Print Setup dialog box (on the File menu, click Page Setup, and then on the Print Setup tab, click the Setup button).

The numeric values in this element map to constants (prefixed with DMBIN) defined for bin selections in the Microsoft Windows wingdi.h file, for example, the value 7 represents DMBIN_AUTO.

The PaperSource element is relevant only when contained in a PageSheet element. It is ignored when contained in a DocumentSheet, Shape, or StyleSheet element.

See also

PaperSource cell (PrintProperties section)