This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Control Parsing, ParseChildrenAttribute, and Control Builders

.NET Framework 1.1

A control can supply custom metadata that tells the ASP.NET page parser how to interpret nested (child) elements within the control's tags when the control is used declaratively on an ASP.NET page. The .NET Framework provides two attribute classes for this purpose.

  • The ParseChildrenAttribute class specifies whether nested (child) elements within control tags are to be interpreted as properties. For information about using this attribute, see Using ParseChildrenAttribute.
  • The ControlBuilderAttribute class enables more complex parsing logic by associating a control builder class with the control. For information about control builder classes and about using this attribute, see Control Builder Overview.
    Note   These two attributes are not mutually exclusive. You can apply both ParseChildrenAttribute and ControlBuilderAttribute to the same control.

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