This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Accessing Management Information with System.Management

.NET Framework 1.1

The System.Management namespace is the WMI namespace in the .NET Framework. This namespace includes the following first-level class objects that support WMI operations:

  • ManagementObject or ManagementClass: a single management object or class, respectively.
  • ManagementObjectSearcher: used to retrieve a collection of ManagementObject or ManagementClass objects based on a specified query or enumeration.
  • ManagementEventWatcher: used to subscribe to event notifications from WMI.
  • ManagementQuery: used as the basis for all query classes.

The coding paradigms for using the System.Management classes are natural to the .NET Framework environment and WMI makes use of the standard base framework whenever appropriate. For example, WMI makes extensive use of .NET collection classes and uses the recommended coding patterns, such as the "delegates" pattern for .NET asynchronous operations. Developers using the .NET Framework can thereby use their current skills to access management information about computers or applications.

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