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.NET Framework 1.1

This section contains reference documentation of the public classes that constitute the .NET Framework, as well as lexicons for other languages employed in the .NET Framework.

In This Section

.NET Framework Class Library
Documents each of the public classes that constitute the .NET Framework.
.NET Framework Compiler and Language Reference
Provides links to documentation for the compilers and languages contained in the .NET Framework.
Unmanaged API Reference
Describes the APIs that runtime hosts call from unmanaged code to configure and load the common language runtime into a process.
.NET Framework Configuration File Schema
Documents the XML tags and attributes used to create configuration files.
ASP.NET Syntax
Documents the syntax used to declaratively create an ASP.NET Web forms page.
XML Schema Reference (XSD)
Documents the XML Schema Definition (XSD) language, as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
Regular Expression Language Elements
Documents the expression language employed in various places throughout the .NET Framework.
CodeDOM Quick Reference
Provides a quick lookup table for developers using the Code Document Object Model (CodeDOM).
Performance Counters
Describes tools you can use to profile your code.
Design Guidelines for Class Library Developers
Provides consistency guidelines for developing your components and classes.

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