Visual Basic Concepts

Visual Studio 6.0

Responding to Events in IIS Applications

Most of the processing that occurs in an IIS application occurs in the event procedures for the application's webitems. You use these events to tell Visual Basic what to do when it receives a request from the browser for a particular element on a page. Visual Basic matches requests it receives to webitem events and runs any code it finds for the event procedures.

You use Visual Basic code to tell the webclass how to process requests. These are just a few of the things you can do in your event procedures:

  • Write the contents of an to the browser, or generate your own HTML.

  • Redirect to another page in the application and display it, or move to another webitem and process its default event.

  • Open a database connection, create recordsets, and manipulate the data to be returned to the user.

  • Perform replacements on text within your HTML templates.

  • Retrieve user data for processing.