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Visual Studio .NET 2003

Views are central in the analysis of your application. Data, or event information that was gathered during a recording session, can be presented through the various views. Each view provides a different aspect of an application's performance and a way to analyze the information. Some views provide a graphical overview of an application; others display event information in spreadsheet-like tables. Combining views provides dimension to an application. You can see different aspects of your application at the same time.

In This Section

View Basics
Describes each Visual Studio Analyzer view and its use.
Opening Views
Provides instructions on how to open so you can see event information gathered during a recording session.
Combining Views
Provides instructions on how to open views on different event logs, disable synchronization for a view, and unlink a view.
Adding or Removing Columns in the Event List View
Explains how to customize the columns that are displayed in Event List view.
Adding and Removing Line Graphs in the Chart View
Provides instructions on how overlay line graphs in Chart view and how to remove them.
Replaying Events in Views
Provides instructions on how to replay events in an event log in a specific view.

Related Sections

Setting Up Performance Analysis
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