This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IInterfaceInfo Object

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The IInterfaceInfo interface provides information about the properties of the specified type library's interfaces.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Interface IInterfaceInfo
   Inherits IDispatch
[Visual Basic 6]
Class IInterfaceInfo
interface IInterfaceInfo : IDispatch
public interface IInterfaceInfo : IDispatch
[JScript .NET]
public interface IInterfaceInfo extends IDispatch


The IInterfaceInfo object controls information about the properties contained in the specified interface such as:

  • Name
  • Type
  • Functions
  • Base interface

For example, using these properties, you could you add the methods of a specified interface to a project. See the Visual Studio Implement Interface Wizard for an example.


Namespace: VCWIZLib

File: vswizard.dll


// From the Visual Studio Implement Interface Wizard, which uses the 
// Name property to identify and get the properties of an interface.

function GetProxyClassHeader(oInterface)
   var strHeader;
   var strInterface = oInterface.Name;
   var strIID = "__uuidof(" + strInterface + ")";
   strHeader = 
      "template<class T>\r\n" +
      "class CProxy" + strInterface + " :\r\n" +
      "\tpublic IConnectionPointImpl<T, &" + strIID +  ">\r\n" +
      "{\r\n" +
   return strHeader;
Note   See Interpreting Visual C++ Wizard Model Examples for more information about how properties are called in both the HTML and the default.js files of a custom wizard.

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