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Managed Extensions for C++ Reference

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Managed Extensions for C++ include the following reference material:


The following keywords implement various features of Managed Extensions for C++.

Note   All code examples must be compiled using the /clr compiler option.
Keyword Description
__abstract Declares a class that cannot be instantiated directly.
__box Creates a copy of a __value class on the common language runtime heap.
__delegate Declares a reference to a unique method (a function pointer) of a managed class.
__event Declares an event method of a managed class.
__finally Declares a finally block associated with a try block.
__gc Declares a gc type.
__identifier Enables the use of a C++ keyword as an identifier.
__interface Declares an interface.
__nogc Declares a native C++ class that is not garbage-collected.
__pin Prevents an object or embedded object of a managed class from being moved by the common language runtime during garbage collection.
__property Declares a property member for a managed class.
public, protected, and private Determines the accessibility of specified types and methods outside of an assembly.
__sealed Prevents a __gc class from being a base class, or a method from being overridden by one in a derived class.
__try_cast Performs the specified cast or throws an exception if the cast fails.
__typeof Returns the System::Type of a given type.
__value Declares a value type.


Attribute Description
attribute Creates a user-defined attribute.


Pragma Description
managed, unmanaged Determines if code is compiled to MSIL or unmanaged code.

Preprocessor Directives

Directive Description
#using Imports metadata into a managed application. For more information, see 21.4 Importing Metadata with #using or 21.5 Metadata as Binary Headers in the Managed Extensions specification.

Compiler Options

Option Description
/AI Specifies a directory to search to resolve file references passed to the #using directive.
/clr Compiles C++ and Managed Extensions for C++ source code to MSIL.
/FU Forces the use of a file name, as if it had been passed to the #using directive.

Linker Options

Option Description
/ASSEMBLYMODULE Adds a MSIL module to the assembly of a project.
/ASSEMBLYRESOURCE Adds a link to a managed resource from a project.
/NOASSEMBLY Creates a MSIL module that is not an assembly by itself, but can be part of an assembly

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