VCCodeInclude Object

VCCodeInclude Object

Visual Studio .NET 2003

An object representing a #include code element in the source code of a solution.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Interface VCCodeInclude
   Inherits IDispatch
[Visual Basic 6]
Class VCCodeInclude
interface VCCodeInclude : IDispatch
public interface VCCodeInclude : IDispatch
[JScript .NET]
public interface VCCodeInclude extends IDispatch


The VCCodeInclude object represents a #include code statement in a source file, allowing access to information about the specific code element.


Namespace: Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCCodeModel

File: vcpkg.dll


This example retrieves all #include code elements of the current solution and displays their content in a message box.

Sub GetAllIncludes()
    Dim vcCM As VCCodeModel
    Dim vcInclude As VCCodeInclude
    vcCM = DTE.Solution.Item(1).CodeModel
    For Each vcInclude in vcCM.Includes
End Sub

See Samples for Code Model Extensibility for information on how to compile and run this sample.

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