Empty Web Project Template
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Empty Web Project Template

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The Empty Web Project template is for advanced users who want to start with an empty project. The template creates the necessary file structure for a server-based project on your Internet Information Services (IIS) server. References and components (such as Web Forms pages) must be added manually. For information about Web projects, see Web Forms Pages and Projects in Visual Studio.

Note   This project type is not available in the Standard Edition of Visual Basic .NET. For more information, see Visual Basic Standard Edition Features.


You must have:

  • A computer with IIS installed.
  • If you want to use FrontPage Server Extensions as your access method, the server extensions must also be installed on that computer. For more information, see Web Access Methods.
  • You must have the correct Web permissions settings for your application. For more information, see Introduction to Web Application Security.

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