Generic ADSI Error Codes

These types of error codes can be returned by any of the ADSI system providers to represent ADSI-specific error messages. They have the facility code 5 with severity bit set either true or false. When the severity bit is set to true, this results in error values of the form 0x80005xxx and error messages of the form E_ADS_*. When the severity bit is set to false, this results in error values of the form 0x00005xxx and the error messages are of the S_ADS_* form.

The following table lists generic ADSI error codes defined in Adserr.h.

ValueCodeDescriptionCorrective Action
0x00005011LS_ADS_ERRORSOCCURREDDuring a query, one or more errors occurred.Verify that the search preference can be legally set and, if so, that it is properly set.
0x00005012LS_ADS_NOMORE_ROWSThe search operation has reached the last row.Move on to the rest of the program.
0x00005013LS_ADS_NOMORE_COLUMNSThe search operation has reached the last column for the current row.Move on to next row.
0x80005000LE_ADS_BAD_PATHNAMEAn invalid ADSI pathname was passed.Verify that the object exists on the directory server and check for typographic errors of the path.
0x80005001LE_ADS_INVALID_DOMAIN_OBJECTAn unknown ADSI domain object was requested.Verify the path of the domain object.
0x80005002LE_ADS_INVALID_USER_OBJECTAn unknown ADSI user object was requested.Verify the existence of the user object, check for typos of the path and the user access rights.
0x80005003LE_ADS_INVALID_COMPUTER_OBJECTAn unknown ADSI computer object was requested.Verify the existence of the computer object, check for typos of the path and the computer access rights.
0x80005004LE_ADS_UNKNOWN_OBJECTAn unknown ADSI object was requested.Verify the name of and the access rights to the object.
0x80005005LE_ADS_PROPERTY_NOT_SETThe specified ADSI property was not set.
0x80005006LE_ADS_PROPERTY_NOT_SUPPORTEDThe specified ADSI property is not supported.Verify that the correct property is set.
0x80005007LE_ADS_PROPERTY_INVALIDThe specified ADSI property is invalidVerify the parameters passed to the method call.
0x80005008LE_ADS_BAD_PARAMETEROne or more input parameters are invalid.
0x80005009LE_ADS_OBJECT_UNBOUNDThe specified ADSI object is not bound to a remote resource.Call GetInfo on a newly created object after SetInfo has been called.
0x8000500ALE_ADS_PROPERTY_NOT_MODIFIEDThe specified ADSI object has not been modified.
0x8000500BLE_ADS_PROPERTY_MODIFIEDThe specified ADSI object has been modified.
0x8000500CLE_ADS_CANT_CONVERT_DATATYPEThe data type cannot be converted to/from a native DS data type.Verify that the correct data type is used and/or that there is sufficient schema data available to perform data type conversion.
0x8000500DLE_ADS_PROPERTY_NOT_FOUNDThe property cannot be found in the cache.Verify that GetInfo has been called implicitly or explicitly. If the attribute is an operational attribute, it must be explicitly retrieved with GetInfoEx instead of GetInfo. If the problem persists, the property has not been set on the server.
0x8000500ELE_ADS_OBJECT_EXISTSThe ADSI object exists.Use a different name to create the object.
0x8000500FLE_ADS_SCHEMA_VIOLATIONThe attempted action violates the directory service schema rules.
0x80005010LE_ADS_COLUMN_NOT_SETThe specified column in the ADSI was not set.
0x80005014LE_ADS_INVALID_FILTERThe specified search filter is invalid.Use the correct format of the filter accepted by the directory server.