BizTalk Adapter for DB2

The BizTalk Adapter for DB2 is a send and receive adapter that enables BizTalk orchestrations to interact with host systems. Specifically, the adapter enables send and receive operations over TCP/IP and APPC connections to DB2 databases running on mainframe, AS/400, and UDB platforms. Based on Host Integration Server technology, the adapter uses the Data Access Library to configure DB2 connections, and the Managed Provider for DB2 to issue SQL commands and stored procedures.

The adapter serves two main functions:

  • For Send operations (both One Way and Solicit Response), the adapter sends SQL commands and stored procedures to a DB2 instance, with the option of soliciting a response.
  • For Receive operations (One Way only), the adapter creates an SQL command or stored procedure that polls DB2 objects and creates per-row messages, which are then submitted to the BizTalk message system.

In addition, the BizTalk Adapter for DB2 uses the standard BizTalk Adapter tracing tool as a troubleshooting mechanism.