Managed Provider for DB2

Host Integration Server 2006 includes a Managed Provider to access data from a loosely coupled data source: in this case, a DB2 database. The Managed Provider for DB2 uses two central .NET Framework components to implement this capability: the ADO.NET DataSet object and the Managed Provider for DB2 itself.

A DataSet object is designed for data access independent of any data source. As a result, it can be used with multiple and different data sources, with XML data, or to manage data local to the application. A DataSet contains a collection of one or more DataTable objects consisting of rows and columns of data, and also primary key, foreign key, constraint, and relation information about the data in the DataTable objects.

In contrast, the Managed Provider for DB2 provides data manipulation and fast, forward-only, read-only access to data. Therefore, the Managed Provider for DB2 exposes a specific set of objects. The MSDb2Command object enables access to DB2 commands to return data, modify data, run stored procedures, and send or retrieve parameter information. The MsDb2DataReader provides a high-performance stream of data from the DB2 database. Finally, the MsDb2DataAdapter provides the bridge between the DataSet object and the DB2 database. MsDb2DataAdapter uses MsDb2Command objects to execute SQL commands at the data source to both load the DataSet with data, and reconcile changes that were made to the data in the DataSet back to the data source.