IHTMLElement2::dir Property

Sets or retrieves the reading order of the object.


HRESULT IHTMLElement2::get_dir(BSTR *p);HRESULT IHTMLElement2::put_dir(BSTR v);


Pointer to a variable of type BSTR that receives one of the values listed in Possible Values.
BSTR that specifies one of the values listed in Possible Values.

Possible Values

ltr Default. Content flows left to right.
rtl Content flows right to left.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.


The property does not affect alphanumeric characters in Latin documents. These characters always render ltr. However, the property does affect punctuation characters in Latin documents. For example, punctuation marks such as periods and question marks render to the left of a sentence when the IHTMLDocument3::dir property is set to rtl.

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