IOmNavigator Interface

This interface provides access to an object that contains information about the browser.

IOmNavigator Members


Retrieves the code name.

appMinorVersion Retrieves the application's minor version value.

Retrieves the name of the client.

appVersion Retrieves the platform and version of the application.
browserLanguage Retrieves the current language.
connectionSpeed Not implemented.
cookieEnabled Retrieves whether client-side persistent cookies are enabled. Persistent cookies are those that are stored on the client-side computer.
cpuClass Retrieves a string denoting the CPU class.
javaEnabled Returns whether Java is enabled.

Retrieves an empty collection as of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. This property exists for compatibility with other browsers.

onLine Retrieves a value indicating whether the system is online.
opsProfile Returns an IHTMLOpsProfile interface pointer.
platform Retrieves the name of the user's operating system.
plugins Retrieves an interface pointer to a zero-based collection of all the embed elements in an HTML document. The elements are in the same order as they appear in the document.
systemLanguage Retrieves the default language used by the operating system.
taintEnabled Returns whether data tainting is enabled.
toString Retrieves a string representation of the object.
userAgent Retrieves a string equivalent to the HTTP user-agent request header.
userLanguage Retrieves the operating system's natural language setting.
userProfile Alias for the IHTMLOpsProfile interface.

Interface Information

Stock Implementation mshtml.dll
Custom Implementation No
Inherits from IDispatch
Header and IDL files Mshtml.h, Mshtml.idl
Minimum availability Internet Explorer 4.0
Minimum operating systems Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Windows CE 2.12