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Windows Logo Requirements

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Microsoft Visual C++, the Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC), and the Active Template Library (ATL) are designed to help you write applications for Windows. Several of the requirements for the Windows logo are satisfied automatically by any MFC or ATL application built using Visual C++. Fulfilling the remaining requirements, such as OLE support, requires knowledge of the specific nature of your application, making it impossible for MFC or ATL to generate a completely Windows-logo–compliant application automatically. However, MFC and ATL provide classes containing all the generic code needed, so that you can then add application-specific code according to the requirements of the Windows Logo Program. There are special requirements for utilities and development tools.

MSDN provides the most up-to-date information available on the Windows Logo Program; visit the following URLs:

You can also get answers to logo-related questions from the Windows Logo Department:

By e-mail (software) (hardware)
By fax (425) 936-7329
Attn: Windows Logo Department

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