This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Creating Code Reports

Visual Studio .NET 2003

After you define the objects and interfaces in a project, you can view the structure of those objects and interfaces, as well as the structure of the members, by using code comment Web reports. These reports display information about the definitions in your code in a series of .htm pages. If you are using C# or other languages that have the support for XML documentation comments, you can use the XML documentation comments to provide summary descriptions, remarks of details in how a definition behaves, or provide summaries for parameters to functions.

Note   Visual C++ provides limited support for XML documentation comments.

Code comment Web reports recognize the following XML tags:

  • <summary></summary>   Describes a member for a type.
  • <remarks></remarks>   Specifies overview information for a class or other type.
  • <param></param>   Used in the comment for a method declaration to describe one of the parameters for the method.
  • <returns></returns>   Used in the comment for a method declaration to describe the return value.
  • <newpara></newpara>   Starts a new paragraph in the comments.

For more information, see Tags for Documentation Comments.

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