This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Windows Forms Viewers

Visual Studio .NET 2003

If you are developing a Windows application, you can host a report on a Windows Form with the Crystal Reports Windows Forms Viewer, which is available as a control in the Visual Studio Toolbox.

As well as providing the convenience of report viewing in a Windows application, the Windows Forms Viewer can interact with other controls in the same application and can dynamically update the report it is hosting.

Window Forms Viewer Object Model Diagram

Windows Forms Properties

The Windows Forms Viewer contains properties that allow you to customize and control the look, feel, and behavior of your report. The main objects and collections of the Windows Forms Viewer are outlined below along with links to get more detailed information.


TableLogOnInfos provides access to the TableLogOnInfo collection. The TableLogOnInfo object provides properties for retrieving and setting table connectivity options such as server name, user name, database name, and password.


The ParameterFields object provides access to the ParameterField collection. The ParameterField object allows you to get and set information for the parameters in the report. For example, you can set properties for retrieving and setting options and values for a parameter field such as the current values, default values, and prompting text.


The ReportSource property is used to set the source of the report. This can either be a ReportDocument object, or it can be a string containing the file location of the report.

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