Client Programming Guide

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This section describes ways to customize the Microsoft CRM 3.0 application and the Microsoft CRM 3.0 client for Microsoft Office Outlook.

In This Topic

UI Style Guide

Refers to the style guide to help you create seamless add-ins.

Navigation Configuration Using SiteMap

Explains how to customize navigation for the Web application.

Customizing Using ISV.Config

Explains how to add your customizations to the Web application and the Outlook client.

Client Side Scripting

Explains how to add custom scripts to the Microsoft CRM Web forms.

Customizing Online Help

Explains how to modify the online Help files to add information that is specific to the way in which your organization uses Microsoft CRM.

URL Addressable Forms

Explains how to open Microsoft CRM forms.

Sample Code Scenarios

Contains sample code for the client side SDK.

Configuration Files and Schemas

Contains the schemas for the customization configuration files.

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