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A competitor is another company who offers competing products and services. Each competitor record can contain detailed information about the competitor, including a company profile, a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), and any relevant sales materials and presentations. In addition, competitor articles can contain links to relevant information in the marketing encyclopedia.

One or many competitors can be associated with any opportunity. By using this association, salespeople give management the ability to track their overall win/loss record versus specific competitors, as well as to do further analysis regarding the cause of losses and other outcomes.

The class for this entity is competitor. For competitor, you can use the messages listed in the following table with the Execute method.

Message Description
Create Use this message to create a competitor.

The information needed to create the entity instance is specified in the TargetCreateCompetitor class.

You can also call the Create method.

Delete Use this message to delete a competitor.

The entity instance to delete is specified in the TargetDeleteCompetitor class.

You can also call the Delete method.

Retrieve Use this message to retrieve a competitor.

The entity instance to retrieve is specified in the TargetRetrieveCompetitor class.

You can also call the Retrieve method.

Update Use this message to update a competitor.

The entity instance to update is specified in the TargetUpdateCompetitor class.

You can also use the Update method.

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