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The ActivityPartyType class contains integer flags to set the activityparty.participationtypemask attribute. Although the attribute may accept any value, these are the valid values.

This class does not need instantiation or initialization because the fields represent constant integer values. These values are intended to be used when setting entity attribute values.

Field Value Description
BccRecipient 4 Specifies the recipient in the Bcc field.
CcRecipient 3 Specifies the recipient in the Cc field.
Customer 11 Specifies a customer.
Optionalattendee 6 Specifies an optional attendee.
Organizer 7 Specifies the party organizer.
Owner 9 Specifies the party owner. See Remarks.
Partner 12 Specifies a partner.
Regarding 8 Specifies the regarding item. See Remarks.
Requiredattendee 5 Specifies a required attendee.
Resource 10 Specifies a resource.
Sender 1 Specifies the sender.
ToRecipient 2 Specifies the recipient in the To field.


Parties of the type Owner and Regarding are read-only.

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