This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Operation Property (DataDOMEvent Object)

Office 2003

A read-only property that returns a string value indicating the type of action that is applied to an XML Document Object Model (DOM) node during a data validation event.


expression Required. Returns a reference to the DataDOMEvent object.

Security Level

0: Can be accessed without restrictions.


The values that the Operation property returns include Insert, Update, and Delete.


In the following example from the Structural Editing developer sample form, the Operation property of the DataDOMEvent object is used to check the type of action that is occurring; if it is a delete action, the code calls a custom function:

function msoxd__item::OnAfterChange(eventObj)
   if (!eventObj.IsUndoRedo && eventObj.Operation == "Delete"
      && eventObj.Site.nodeName == "item" && 
         eventObj.Source.nodeName == "item")

Applies to | DataDOMEvent Object