This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

What's New in Java Language Conversion Assistant

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The following features are included with this version of Java Language Conversion Assistant:

JavaServer Pages

JavaServer Pages can now be converted to ASP.NET applications to develop information-rich Web applications that are easy to maintain. Development time is reduced, and existing business systems can be tapped for database and other support. You can change the page layout without affecting the dynamically generated content. Tag handlers are converted to Web user controls.

Servlet Support

Java Language Conversion Assistant now converts servlet classes that allow you to extend the functionality of your Web server and interact with your existing business systems. These are platform-independent, light-weight applications that are very much like applets, but run on the server side. They can access enterprise databases through ODBC and are ideal for building interactive Web applications.

Improved Applet Support

Java Language Conversion Assistant includes additional support for converting applets to Windows Forms user controls. Applets can now take advantage of additional .NET functionality while maintaining their behavior.

Support for Different Character-Encoding Systems

Encoding support has been expanded to include all the major character-encoding systems. Files that are encoded in the current system ANSI code page keep this encoding after conversion. Any other encoding is converted to UTF-8 encoding.

The following encoding systems are currently supported:

  • Windows system ANSI code pages
  • UTF-8 Unicode
  • UTF-16 Unicode
  • ISO Latin alphabet No. 2 (Central European)
  • ISO Latin alphabet No. 3
  • ISO Latin alphabet No. 4 (Baltic States)
  • ISO Latin/Arabic alphabet
  • ISO Latin/Cyrillic alphabet
  • ISO Latin/Greek alphabet
  • ISO Latin/Hebrew alphabet
  • ISO Latin alphabet No. 9
  • EUC Japanese
  • EUC Korean
  • EUC Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese National Standard

For issues with matching character encodings, see Matching Code Pages.

Support for Collections

Java Language Conversion Assistant now offers support for a unified approach to handling and manipulating collections. The Java 1.2 Collections API can be converted to the classes in the System.Collections namespace, which present methods to represent and use collections to reduce development effort and increase productivity.

Performance Enhancements

Overall performance for large projects has been improved dramatically in this version of Java Language Conversion Assistant. Conversion time has been reduced 70 percent for sample projects of about 25 MB (580+ lines of code). Conversion time for medium-sized projects (about 250 KB) has been reduced by 50 percent.