Miscellaneous XBase Features

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Visual FoxPro includes a number of new and improved XBase features, those written in the Visual FoxPro language itself. These include new tools such as the Task List Manager, Object Browser, IntelliSense Manager, Accessibility Browser, Automated Test Harness and Web Services wizard. These are described in more detail in other What's New topics.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, Visual FoxPro contains a wealth of other XBase improvements.

  • New Foundation Classes have been added for use with Microsoft Agent, Regular Expressions, Cryptography, Enhanced File Open dialog boxes, Windows 2000 Logo information, and Web Services.
  • The SQL Server Upsizing wizard contains a number of new improvements.
  • New Solution samples have been added to better illustrate some of the new Visual FoxPro features and foundation classes.
  • A new set of COM+ Service samples show how you can use Visual FoxPro servers with COM+ Services such as Transactions, Queued Components, COM+ Events and Compensating Resource Managers. Many of these samples use new Visual FoxPro server enhancements.
  • GENMENU has been updated to support new image support for menus. A new directive (#IMAGEPATHS) has been added to control if full paths are generated for menu images.

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