B.2 Recommended tags
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B.2 Recommended tags

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The documentation generator must accept and process any tag that is valid according to the rules of XML. The following tags provide commonly used functionality in user documentation. (Of course, other tags are possible.)

Tag Section Purpose
B.2.1 Set text in a code-like font
B.2.2 Set one or more lines of source code or program output
B.2.3 Indicate an example
B.2.4 Identifies the exceptions a method can throw
B.2.5 Includes XML from an external file
B.2.6 Create a list or table
B.2.7 Permit structure to be added to text
B.2.8 Describe a parameter for a method or constructor
B.2.9 Identify that a word is a parameter name
B.2.10 Document the security accessibility of a member
B.2.11 Describe a type
B.2.12 Describe the return value of a method
B.2.13 Specify a link
B.2.14 Generate a See Also entry
B.2.15 Describe a member of a type
B.2.16 Describe a property
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