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Office 2003

The Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 Software Development Kit (SDK) contains sample forms, tools, macros, code libraries, and documentation to assist with InfoPath form development. The following sections describe the components of the InfoPath SDK.

Publish date of this reference: January 2005 (version 2003).

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Developer Sample Forms

The InfoPath SDK contains a number of developer sample forms that demonstrate development techniques for customizing and implementing InfoPath features. For more information, including a list of the developer sample forms that are included in the InfoPath SDK, see About the SDK Developer Sample Forms. To learn how to configure your system to use the developer sample forms, see Configuring the Developer Sample Forms.


The InfoPath SDK contains several tools that you can use to help create, develop, and deploy InfoPath forms.


The InfoPath SDK contains two macros that you can use to facilitate the development of managed code form templates within the Visual Studio .NET environment when using the Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET.

Code Libraries

The InfoPath SDK contains several code libraries that you can use to create custom features for your InfoPath forms.


The InfoPath SDK contains Help in the following categories:

Common Developer Tasks  These topics cover the most common tasks associated with developing InfoPath forms.

Best Practices  These topics cover concepts associated with developing InfoPath forms.

Developer Sample Forms  These topics describe the developer sample forms included with the SDK.

Tools  These topics describe the tools included with the SDK.

Macros   These topics describe the macros included with the SDK.

Code Libraries  These topics describe the code libraries included with the SDK.

InfoPath Developer's Reference  The topics in the InfoPath Developer's Reference section of the Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 SDK are identical to those that are installed with InfoPath 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1), plus additional updates and corrections made after InfoPath 2003 SP1 was released. This is the general technical reference for InfoPath programming. The Developer's Reference also contains an object model reference and a form definition (.xsf) file reference. For more information about the InfoPath Developer's Reference, see About the InfoPath Developer's Reference.

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