This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

VCBscMakeTool Object Properties, Methods, and Events

Visual Studio .NET 2003


AdditionalOptions Property Specifies options to add to the end of the command line, immediately before the file name or names. For example, if an option is not supported in the object model.
OutputFile Property Overrides the default output file name; default is based on first .lib or .obj name on the command line. Exposes the functionality of the BSCMake tool's /OUT option.
SuppressStartupBanner Property Suppresses the display of the startup banner and information messages. Exposes functionality of the BSCMake tool's /OUT option.
ToolKind Property Returns the name of the kind of tool this is.
ToolName Property Specifies the name of the tool.
ToolPath Property Specifies the command-line name of the tool.
VCProjectEngine Property Returns a pointer to the project engine.

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