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VCAuxiliaryManagedWrapperGeneratorTool Object Properties, Methods, and Events

Visual Studio .NET 2003


AdditionalOptions Property Specifies options to add to the end of the command line immediately before the file name or names. An example is if an option is not supported in the object model.
DelaySigning Property Sets or returns whether to force strong name delay signing. Exposes the functionality of the /delaysign option.
OutputMessageType Property Sets or returns the level of verbosity of output messages to generate during the build.
OutputName Property Specifies the name of the generated wrapper DLL.
PublicKeyFile Property Specifies the file containing the strong name public key. Exposes the functionality of the /publickey option.
References Property Returns the collection of references for the selected project.
StrongName Property (VCProjectEngine) [Variant 2] Sets or returns the file or container from which to obtain strong name information.
StrongNameType Property Specifies how to work with strong names.
SuppressStartupBanner Property Suppress the display of the startup banner and information messages.
ToolKind Property Returns the kind of tool this is, in this case, "VCAuxiliaryManagedWrapperGeneratorTool".
ToolName Property Returns the name of the tool, in this case, the Auxiliary Managed Wrapper Generator Tool.
ToolPath Property Returns a path to the Auxiliary Managed Wrapper Generator Tool.
VCProjectEngine Property Returns a pointer to the project engine.

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