VTSType Property
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VTSType Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Returns the VTS type of the parameter or variable.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Property VTSType() As String
[Visual Basic 6]
Property Get VTSType() As String
HRESULT __stdcall get_VTSType(
   /* [out, retval] */ BSTR* retVal
public string VTSType {get;}
[JScript .NET]
public function get VTSType() : String


Returns the VTS type of the parameter or variable. VTS specifies the variant parameter types designed for use with the OLE control classes of the Microsoft Foundation Class Library. See Variant Parameter Type Constants for a list of possible return values.


The following example assigns oFunction's VTS type to the string strVTSType.

var oInterface = window.external.ParentObject;
var oFunction = oInterface.Functions(PROPERTY_NAME.value);
var strVTSType = oFunction.VTSType;

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Applies To: IParamInfo Object | IVarInfo Object

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