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Visual Studio .NET 2003

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What's New in Visual C++ .NET 2003

What's New in Visual Studio .NET 2003

Changes in ATL Versions

Changes in MFC Versions

Changes in the Standard C++ Library

Creating a Project with an Application Wizard

Designing a Wizard

Specifying Project Settings with Property Pages

File Types Created for Projects

ATL Project

ATL Server Project

MFC ActiveX Control

MFC Application

MFC DLL Project


Win32 Project

Custom Wizard

Extended Stored Procedure DLL

Makefile Project

ASP.NET Web Service

Class Library

Console Application

Empty Project

Windows Control Library

Windows Forms Application

Windows Service


Class from an ActiveX Control

Connection Point

Generic C++ Class


Member Function

Member Variable



Event Handler

ATL Active Server Page Component

ATL COM+ 1.0 Component

ATL Control

ATL Dialog

ATL OLE DB Consumer

ATL OLE DB Provider

ATL Property Page

ATL Performance Monitor Object Manager

ATL Simple Object

ATL Support for an MFC Project

COM Interface

Performance Monitor Counter

Performance Object

WMI Event Provider

WMI Instance Provider

XML Web Service with ATL Server

ATL Support for an MFC Project

COM Interface


MFC Class

MFC Class from a Type Library

MFC Message Handler

MFC ODBC Consumer

Upgrading Previous 32-Bit Versions of Visual C++

Migrating Custom Wizards to Visual C++ .NET 2003

Changes in ATL Versions

Changes in MFC Versions

Upgrading to the Standard C++ Library

Porting 32-Bit Code to 64-Bit Code

Porting from UNIX to Win32

Porting Applications to and from the Development Environment

Planning World-Ready Applications

Globalization and Localization Issues

International Programming

Localized Resources in MFC Applications: Satellite DLLs

Internalization in the C Run-Time Library

Localizing a Wizard to Multiple Languages

Adding Support for Managed Extensions for C++ to an Existing Application

Managed Extensions for C++ Migration Guide

C++ Language Reference

C Language Reference

C++ Attributes

C/C++ Preprocessor Reference

Microsoft Macro Assembler Reference

Active Template Library (ATL)

ATL Server Library

C Run-Time Library

Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library

OLE DB Templates

Standard C++ Library

Common Environment Object Model

Visual C++ Code Model

Visual C++ Project Model

Visual C++ Resource Editor Model

Visual C++ Wizard Model

Visual Studio Debugger Model


Sample Applications

Setting Compiler Options

Finding and Specifying Compiler Options

Creating Precompiled Header Files

Setting Linker Options

Finding and Specifying Linker Options

Creating Module-Definition (.def) Files

Optimizing Your Code

Optimization Pragmas and Keywords

Compiler Throughput

Why Floating-Point Numbers May Lose Precision

Tips for Improving Time-Critical Code

Builds During Application Development

Build Configurations

Preparing and Managing Builds

Creating and Editing Configurations

Creating and Removing Project Dependencies

Adding and Removing Project References

Editing Project Properties

32-Bit Library Manager (LIB.EXE)

Browse Information Maintenance Utility (BSCMAKE.EXE)

COFF Binary File Dumper (DUMPBIN.EXE)

COFF Binary File Editor (EDITBIN.EXE)


Debug Settings and Preparation

Using the Debugger

Debugging Managed Code

Debugging Visual C++

Debugging COM and ActiveX

Debugging DLLs

Debugging SQL

Debugging Samples and Walkthroughs

Testing Overview

Unit Testing

Integration Testing

Regression Testing

What's New in Deployment

Methods of Deployment

Deployment Concepts

Deploying Applications

Deploying .NET Framework Applications

Redistributing a Native C++ Application

Customizing the Development Environment

Automating Repetitive Actions by Using Macros

Extending the Visual Studio Environment

Using Help in Visual Studio .NET

Filtering the MSDN Help Content for Visual C++ Developers

Managed Extensions for C++ Programming

Frequently Asked Questions

Language Specification

Migration Guide


Getting Started with the .NET Framework

Inside the .NET Framework

Programming with the .NET Framework

.NET Framework Reference

Visual C++ .NET 2003 Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Extensions for C++ Frequently Asked Questions

Debugging Visual C++ Frequently Asked Questions

Providing Feedback on the Documentation

Microsoft Product Support Services (

Microsoft Visual C++ on MSDN (

Additional Resources for Visual C++ Programmers

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