This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Additional Resources for Visual C++ Programmers

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The following sites and newsgroups can help you find answers to common problems.

Microsoft Resources

On the Web
Provides access to KB articles, downloads and updates, support Webcasts, and other services.
Contains articles, samples, and other information of interest to Visual C++ .NET developers who are targeting the .NET Framework and common language runtime.
Provides code samples, upgrade information, and technical content.
Provides a way to connect as a community with experts from around the world.

In Newsgroups
Provides multiple forums for questions and general discussion of Visual C++ .NET.
Provides a forum for questions and issues on using the Visual C++ libraries.
Provides a forum for questions and issues in Visual C++ .NET.
Provides a forum for questions about working in the Visual Studio environment.
Provides a forum for questions and issues in the Visual C++ .NET documentation.

Third-Party Resources

MSDN's Web site provides information on current third-party sites and newsgroups of interest. For the most current list of resources available, see the MSDN Community Web site (

On the Web
Provides tips and tricks about programming with unmanaged C++ and targeting the .NET Framework with Managed Extensions for C++, and also includes discussions and source code.
Provides a community of Windows developers specializing in C++, MFC, and .NET where source code, articles, and tutorials are shared.
Provides information about programming with MFC and C++ and targeting the .NET Framework.
Provides background information, documents, reference, source code, and forums about programming with C++.