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BackColor Property (Common)

.NET Framework 1.1

Sets or returns the specified background color for the style. The default value is Color.Empty.

public virtual System.Drawing.Color BackColor {


The following is a list of the classes that inherit the BackColor property from the MobileControl base class.

AdRotator Class ObjectList Class
Calendar Class PagedControl Class
PhoneCall Class Panel Class
Command Class RangeValidator Class
CompareValidator Class RegularExpressionValidator Class
CustomValidator Class RequiredFieldValidator Class
Form Class SelectionList Class
Image Class TextBox Class
Label Class TextControl Class
Link Class TextView Class
List Class ValidationSummary Class


Unlike the other properties, the BackColor property is not inherited from its parent. For example, if you set the BackColor property to cyan on a parent control, a child control will not inherit a background color of cyan; you must explicitly set the child control's BackColor property to cyan, or you must set the BackColor property of the parent control and apply the style sheet to the child control. This is consistent with the behavior of cascading style sheets.

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Applies to: MobileControl Class