Internet Information Services 6.0

Welcome to the IIS Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK provides detailed information about creating ASP pages and developing Web applications. It describes the event methods and interfaces available for creating components for access by ASP or ISAPI extensions. The SDK contains information about how to store your custom IIS configuration data and how you can use built-in objects to manipulate that data, and how you can log server activity. Finally, the SDK also provides a library of script and program samples demonstrating a variety of ways to interact with IIS programmatically. Finally, the SDK contains information on what has changed since IIS 5.1.

This section contains:

  • Programmatic Administration Guide: This section provides detailed how-to information for creating advanced Web applications, using ISAPI, ASP components, and advanced ASP scripting techniques.
  • Web Application Guide: This section includes the documentation needed to use ASP to create powerful Web applications, including an ASP introduction and tutorial, ASP and installable component references, and ASP samples. This section also describes how you can administer IIS programmatically, using ASP.
  • Component Development Guide: This section provides detailed how-to information for creating Web components, using Visual C++, Visual Basic, and scripting languages.
  • Reference: This section provides reference material that supplements the conceptual topics that are listed above.
  • Samples: This section provides code examples to help you get started developing ASP pages, components, ISAPI filters and extensions, and administration scripts.