Version Control System

MorphX, the Microsoft Dynamics AX Integrated Development Environment, can integrate various Version Control Systems (VCS). You can integrate Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 2005 (VSS) or Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS); or you can use the MorphX VCS.

If you use the VSS or TFS version control systems, you should consider the following before you develop code or write documentation:

  • You need to check out objects to edit them.

  • There is a local copy of the Application Object Tree (AOT) stored on your client computer in a repository folder. This contains one .xpo file for each AOT object in the layer that you are working in, and .ald files that contain labels. The repository folder is synchronized with local changes. Objects are updated when you check them out, or you can synchronize with the global repository in the version control system.

  • Each developer must have an Application Object Server (AOS) and database server.

  • Team Server is required.

MorphX VCS allows for out-of-the-box version control system integration. MorphX VCS is intended for one to ten developers who use a shared AOS. Instead of checking out objects and storing them in a repository, MorphX VCS signals to other users that a specific element is being worked on by another user. It provides change description functionality, change history functionality, and quality bar enforcement. Unlike the other VCS options, if you use MorphX VCS, Team Server is optional and no build process is required.

Caution noteCaution

Because versioning history is stored in the business database when you use MorphX VCS, you should back up the business database before you perform tasks that may lead to restoring the business database. Otherwise, versioning history may be lost.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is integrated with VSS, TFS, and MorphX VCS, but you can extend the version control functionality to use other version control systems.


You do not have to use the version control system. If you do not use it, nothing changes in how you develop code or write documentation.

To disable version control, from the Microsoft Dynamics AX menu, click Tools, point to Development tools, point to Version control, point to Setup, point to Parameters, and then select Disable in the Source control status box. To reconnect, select Enable in the Source control status box.

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