Version Control System

MorphX, the Microsoft Dynamics AX Integrated Development Environment, now has an integrated version control system. There are two major changes in the way that you develop code and write documentation:

  • You need to check out objects to be able to edit them.

  • There is a local copy of the Application Object Tree (AOT) stored on your client computer, in a repository folder. This contains one .xpo file for each AOT object in the layer that you are working in, and .ald files that contain labels. The repository folder is synchronized with local changes. Objects are updated when you check them out, or you can synchronize with the global repository in the version control system.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is integrated with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 2005, but you can extend the version control functionality to use other version control tools.

The version control system includes a new ID server, called the Team Server, that hosts allocation of new object IDs and label IDs.


You do not have to use the version control system. If you do not, nothing changes in how you develop code and write documentation.

To disable the use of version control, select Tools > Development tools > Version control > Setup > Parameters, and then select Disable in the Source control status box. You can reconnect by selecting Enable in the Source control status box.

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