Options for Acquiring Office

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If your organization is in the planning stages for Microsoft Office XP, you may want to explore the different options for purchasing or licensing the product. While Office XP is available worldwide through retail outlets, businesses and organizations can benefit from participating in volume licensing programs designed especially to meet their needs.

Licensing programs

Microsoft Volume Licensing programs offer more flexibility, greater value, and easier license management for organizations than the purchase of a retail packaged product. By acquiring a license, you are granted permission to legally copy and redistribute Office XP within your organization. Licensees are eligible for a range of extra services, upgrades, and other benefits, depending upon the terms of their agreements.

Different licensing programs are available, depending upon your requirements and the size of your organization. For more information on volume licensing programs, contact your software reseller or see the Licensing page of the Microsoft Business Web site.

Office XP as a client on Windows Terminal Services

The terminal services technology of Microsoft Windows 2000 Server can deliver the Windows 2000 desktop, as well as Office XP, to virtually any desktop computing device, including those that cannot run Windows. When a user runs Office XP through Windows Terminal Services, all of the application execution takes place on the server — only the keyboard, mouse, and display information are transmitted over the network to the client computer.

If you elect to deploy Office XP as a client on Windows Terminal Services, you will need to acquire one license for each client computer that makes use of the Office applications.

For more information about Office XP licensing on Windows Terminal Services, see the white paper Microsoft Terminal Services License Basics on the Microsoft Licensing Web site.

  Last update: Wednesday, April 4, 2001
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  Last update: Wednesday, April 4, 2001
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