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Important This document may not represent best practices for current development, links to downloads and other resources may no longer be valid. Current recommended version can be found here.

Deprecated Compiler Options in Visual C++ 2005

In Visual C++ 2005, the following compiler options have been marked as deprecated. These compiler options will continue to work as expected in the current release, but may be removed in a future release.

The following compiler options are now deprecated.

Deprecated option

Use the following option instead

For more information, see


/LN (Create MSIL Module)

/clr (Common Language Runtime Compilation)



/FR, /Fr (Create .sbr File)



/Ge (Enable Stack Probes)


/EH (Exception Handling Model)

/GX (Enable Exception Handling)


/RTC (Run-Time Error Checks)

/GZ (Enable Stack Frame Run-Time Error Checking)



/H (Restrict Length of External Names)


/O1, /O2 (Minimize Size, Maximize Speed)

/Og (Global Optimizations)


No compiler option is needed. The compiler has made significant improvements in float to int conversion speed.

Regarding rounding, /QIfist results in generation of the fistp instruction, which uses whatever ambient rounding mode is to do the conversion.

A routine to do this is:

int ftol_ambient(double d) {
   int i;

   __asm {
      fld d
      fistp i
   return i;

/QIfist (Suppress _ftol)



/V (Version Number)


/Z7, /Zi, /ZI (Debug Information Format)

/Yd (Place Debug Information in Object File)



/Za, /Ze (Disable Language Extensions)



/Zg (Generate Function Prototypes)

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