Business Data Catalog Samples

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This section contains overview information and step-by-step, how-to procedures for programming with the Business Data Catalog.

In This Section

Authoring Metadata

Find detailed, step-by-step procedures for authoring metadata for business applications to work with Business Data Catalog.

Building Custom Applications Using the Business Data Catalog

Get how-to information and code examples for building custom applications with Business Data Catalog.

Enabling Business Data Search

Find a pointer to the topics that describe how to enable business data search.

Walkthrough: Using the Business Data Catalog Security Trimmer to Trim Search Results

Find a detailed, step-by-step procedure for using the Business Data Catalog security trimmer.

Related Sections

Business Data Catalog: Metadata Model

Learn how Business Data Catalog provides homogeneous access to the underlying data sources with a declarative metadata model that provides a consistent and simplified client object model.

Troubleshooting Business Data Clients and Metadata

Find tips for easy debugging and troubleshooting of metadata-related errors and run-time exceptions.

FAQ: Business Data Catalog

Find tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

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