Differences Between .NET and COM Business Connectors


COM Business Connector is no longer going to be supported in a future release.

Business Connector is a component of the Microsoft Dynamics AX development environment. Business Connector enables you to build software applications that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can access data or start business logic. You should use the component that is appropriate for the environment in which you are working with some exceptions. When developing applications for Enterprise Portal, IIS integration in X++, and anonymous logon (logon as guest), you must use .NET Business Connector. This topic describes the differences between the .NET and COM Business Connector components.

Use Business Connector when you want to build an application that will integrate with Microsoft Dynamics AX. The Business Connector component contains a Microsoft Dynamics AX kernel for interpreting and executing code. It also provides a run-time environment for interacting with elements in the AOT. Both the .NET and COM Business Connector components provide the characteristics described in the following table.

Business Connector characteristic


Single-user who has single session or multi-session support

Enables desktop computer deployment.

Multi-user and multi-session support

Enables Web or other server deployment.

CLR interoperability

Enables external managed components to be instantiated and executed from X++ code.

You should use the Business Connector version that is intended for the development environment that you are using.

What is .NET Business Connector

.NET Business Connector provides interoperability with the .NET Framework. This is enabled by providing Windows Server SDK managed classes. For a brief description of these classes, see .NET Business Connector Overview. For more information, see the N:Microsoft.Dynamics.BusinessConnectorNet namespace.

What is COM Business Connector

COM Business Connector provides Microsoft COM interoperability. This is enabled by providing a Microsoft COM-based interface. In the current release of Microsoft Dynamics AX, to use COM Business Connector you must install it using command-line options. For more information, see How to: Install COM Business Connector using Command-line Options.


In versions before Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0, COM Business Connector supported the unmanaged HTTP context. In the current release, use .NET Business Connector for integrating with managed HTTP context to enable Web applications.

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