This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

FileAsMapping Property

EWS Managed API

Topic Last Modified: 2006-06-13

Defines how to construct what is displayed for the person contact.

Applies To

IPerson Interface

Type Library

Microsoft CDO for Exchange 2000 Library

DLL Implemented In


Property FileAsMapping As CdoFileAsMappingID
HRESULT get_FileAsMapping(CdoFileAsMappingID* pVal);HRESULT put_FileAsMapping(CdoFileAsMappingID Val);


Returns the value of the FileAsMapping property as a reference to a CdoFileAsMappingID Enum.


Sets the value of the FileAsMapping property to the value of the CdoFileAsMappingID Enum.

This property is also available as the fileasid Field in the schema.

If FileAs Property is explicitly set, then cdoMapToNone property is set. The values for this property are defined by the CdoFileAsMappingID Enum.

If the FileAs Property is null, the FileAsMapping property will define how the contact name is constructed from other contact fields.