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Schema Architecture

EWS Managed API

Topic Last Modified: 2006-06-12

The Exchange store provides a means to define schema information for items. By using the schema capabilities of the Exchange store, you can make schema information about your application discoverable to schema-aware applications such as the Exchange store Structured Query Language (SQL) query processor. Schema information is not rigidly enforced in the Exchange store as it would be in a relational database system such as Microsoft® SQL Server™. Instead, schema information in the Exchange store is primarily used to provide a mechanism for schema-aware applications to discover the names of content classes and associated properties used for items in a particular application.

This section consists of the following topics:

Content Classes

Schema Definition Items

Schema Collection Reference

Schema Scope

Folder Expected Content Class

Application and Schema Folders

The ##SCHEMAURI## Macro

Exchange Store Item Properties

Property Promotion