Find an address or intersection on the map

MapPoint North America 2006 SDK
  1. On the Edit menu, click Find.
  2. In the Country box on the Address tab, select the country in which you want to find an address.
  3. Do one of the following:
  4. To find an address, type as much information as you can in the address boxes.

    You can use abbreviations such as St. for Street and Ave. for Avenue.

    To find an intersection, type two street names, separated by an ampersand (&), in the Street address box.

    For example, to find the intersection of Bellevue Ave. East and East Roy St., type Bellevue Ave. E. & E. Roy St.

    Note  For best results, enter as much of the city name, state or province, and ZIP Code or postal code as you can in the appropriate boxes.

  5. Click Find.
  6. In the list of choices that appears, select the address or intersection you're searching for.
  7. Click OK.


If the address or intersection you want to find is unique, you won't need to select it in the results list—it will automatically be displayed on the map.

For each address or intersection you find, MapPoint creates a Pushpin on the map. You can add text to the Pushpin balloon and rename it. These Pushpins are automatically stored in a Pushpin set called My Pushpins and saved with your map.

As you work on a map, you may want to clear all the places you have found on the map without creating a new map. In the Options dialog box, you can clear all of the found addresses, cities, Zip Codes or postal codes, and Places/Data for all countries. You can also set an option in the Options dialog box to clear these found locations each time you exit the program.


By adding the state to an address in the United States, the results list is generated more quickly.

You can also find an address or intersection by using the Find box on the Navigation toolbar:

Find box and Find button

Type the intersection or as much of the address as possible, and then click Find. If an exact match is found, it appears centered on the map. Otherwise, the Find dialog box opens with a list of possible matches.

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