Finding Locations on the Map

About finding locations on the map

MapPoint North America 2006 SDK

Use MapPoint to find places on the map, such as countries/regions, cities, natural features, and airports, in addition to nearly 2,000,000 businesses and attractions. You can locate addresses in the United States or Canada, even if you don't have complete address information. You can also find latitude and longitude coordinates and any Pushpins that you have created on your map.

By using a GPS device or Location Finder (a built-in component of MapPoint that uses known Wi-Fi access points to calculate your location and display it on a map), you can find businesses and attractions that are near your current location.

If you have a data file containing locations, you can import or link this data to display the locations on the map. You can also search by name for a territory or a specific data point in your mapped data.

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