MQSeries Adapter Deployment Options


The MQSeries adapter gives you great flexibility in configuring your hardware. There are at least three main patterns of use:

  • BizTalk Server, the adapter, and MQSeries Server for Windows on the same computer.

  • BizTalk Server and the adapter on one computer, and MQSeries Server for Windows (including the MQSAgent) on a second computer, which connects to one or more additional computers that are running MQSeries Server.

  • Multiple BizTalk Server installations in a group and the adapter, and MQSeries Server (including MQSAgent) on a separate computer.

  • The adapter functions correctly if you cluster MQSeries Server and the MQSeries Queue Managers.

    System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

    The MQSAgent COM+ application should not be clustered in this case. Instead, both nodes of the cluster should have the MQSAgent COM+ application installed and configured. In this scenario, if the MQSAgent COM+ application stops, the next call from the client will restart it.

Using the MQSeries Adapter

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